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Due to the presence of exterior cladding like hard-coat stucco or EIFS, water and air proofing systems are largely inaccessible once installed. For this reason, it is important to choose a strong and long-lasting structural barrier such as StoGuard. A product of leading building envelope manufacturer Sto Corporation, StoGuard is a building coating membrane that prevents both air and water from infiltrating a structure.

While it serves the same purpose as everyday housewrap, StoGuard is the superior choice in structural barriers. Unlike housewrap, StoGuard is sprayed or rolled onto the walls of your home, which permanently bonds it to the existing sheathing and subsequently increases energy efficiency. Additionally, StoGuard offers full, uninterrupted coverage, leaving little risk for the characteristic holes or tears caused by staples in traditional house wrapping. Best of all, StoGuard serves double-duty as both a moisture and air barrier–the only air barrier specification authorized by the Air Barrier Association of America within the Efficient Insulation Finishing System (or EIFS) industry.

Innovative Wall Solutions is a fully-licensed supplier and installer of Sto Corporation’s line of advanced building technology products. Our team partakes in year-round training to become experts at installing Sto Corporation’s full line of structural barrier system, including StoGuard. Call us today at 262-794-3184 to see how StoGuard can increase your home’s energy efficiency.