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Moisture Barrier

As its’ name suggests, a moisture barrier combines with flashing and other components to help direct liquid water to the exterior and prevent water from penetrating a wall cavity. Moisture barriers are vital to the construction of long-lasting structures, as well as to meeting many Land Environment Economics and Development (LEED) certifications.

Because they essentially refer to the same thing, moisture barriers are commonly confused with vapor barriers. One easy way to distinguish the two types of barriers is where on a structure they are installed. While vapor barriers are typically installed inside a home, moisture barriers are installed on a frame wall’s exterior, directly on top of the sheathing.

To ensure that your structure is properly protected from rot and damage-inducing moisture, be sure to choose a barrier that has the following characteristics:

  • High water resistance – To protect the wall cavity from moisture that slips behind exterior cladding
  • High air resistance – To help prevent drafts and the flow of “wet” air through walls
  • High vapor permeability – To promote drying and discourage mold and rot growth
  • Improved drainage – To promote water flow away from walls
  • Durability – To maintain a constant rate of drainage despite repeated wet and dry cycles

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