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EIFS – Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

EIFS is relatively new exterior cladding system that combines a layer of insulation with a finishing coat. EIFS is similar to stucco in appearance but very different beneath the surface. While stucco is applied using a one or three coat method over lath or chicken wire, EIFS uses a rigid insulation board that expertly reduces heat and moisture transfer. For anyone looking to affordably boost insulation within their home, EIFS is a great alternative to traditional siding or brick exterior.

EIFS offers a wide range of product benefits including:

  • Energy efficiency – EIFS can reduce energy costs by as much as 20 to 30% when installed properly according to Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Design flexibility – If desired, EIFS can be cut and molded into shapes such as arches, columns and sculptures, and even painted or tinted.
  • Affordability – EIFS integrates exterior insulation, weatherproofing and finishing in a single product, costing consumers less in the long-run.
  • Minimal upkeep – EIFS does not fade or yellow like traditional siding, nor does it require paint or other cosmetic maintenance, which means minimal upkeep for the consumer.
  • Natural settling – Because its’ components lend it a natural flexibility and pliancy, EIFS can withstand settling without cracking or warping.

EIFS installation is one of the many service offerings at Innovative Wall Solutions, southeastern Wisconsin’s top choice for exterior wall installation and finishing. At every EIFS installation, we guarantee adequate prep work, the use of quality materials and a complete installation. Unlike other wall contractors, our owner is present at every job site to ensure your EIFS installation is completed on time and on budget. Call us today at 262-794-3184 for a free, no-risk, no-obligation estimate for your EIFS install.