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EIFS, or Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems, is an exterior wall cladding that combines a layer of insulation with a finishing coat. EIFS offers many advantages including low upkeep, energy efficiency, affordability, and design flexibility among others. StoTherm by Sto Corporation offers the next generation of EIFS by adding an air barrier to the EIFS wall covering that is both seamless and waterproof. Introduced in 1963 and widely used ever since, StoTherm can be used in refurbishment and new build projects.

In addition to providing the same great benefits as a traditional EIFS, StoTherm:

  • Offers superior secondary moisture protection.
  • Includes a contingency drainage system in the event of a moisture breach.
  • Is comprised of ready-to-apply components.
  • Is completely cement-free, offering it 10 times more impact resistance compared to other cement-based systems.
  • Naturally allows for thermal expansion, eliminating the need for additional expansion joints.
  • Is efficiently single-leaf constructed, allowing for excellent thermal performance without compromising interior space.
  • Is available in a wide range of textures and up to 800 colors, offering full design flexibility to the consumer.

Innovative Wall Solutions is a fully-licensed supplier and installer of Sto Corporation’s line of advanced building technology products, including StoTherm. Our team is fully-trained, fully-licensed and ready to tackle your EIFS installation project. Call us today at 262-794-3184 to see how StoTherm can offer your home or commercial property superior moisture protection.